What Others are Saying about Kim


Sales Training and Keynotes are Relevant, Engaging and Fun


"Kim has been a keynote speaker for the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce on several occasions. Her keynotes are relevant and her delivery is engaging and fun. I wholeheartedly recommend her. "  Cheryl Haywood, Program Director GDBCC

"Excellent class! Loved the delivery of information and class interaction - keeping on task with plenty of relevant issues and plenty of helpful advice. Kim knows how to hold a room and keep us engaged!" Sue L.


Changed my Perspective


"Kim was amazing! She changed my perspective and identified my blockages. Amazing energy!" Aria D.

"I needed this class because I came to the realization that prospecting is crucial to my success.I intend to use all of the info I've gathered into my daily work."  Tanya H.


Breaks it Down into Practical Knowledge


"Kim breaks it down into real-world, practical knowledge you can put into action." Lisa H.

"Logical and effective sales training with specific techniques to implement." Anonymous 


Hi! I'm Kim Beckett...


I am passionate about inspiring others to live their best lives. 

After 20+ years in corporate leadership and sales positions, I altered my direction. I started Beckett Consulting to be true to my life's purpose -  to add value, to help others discover their purpose and realize their true potential. 

My Story


I've always enjoyed keynote speaking and conducting sales training and leadership training. I knew I wanted to be a trainer when I attended orientation for my very first job and asked the trainer, "How do I get a job like yours?" Fast forward to a few years later and I was doing just that!  

In 2018, as a mortgage loan officer I conducted several realtor continuing education training sessions for over 150 agents. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I felt like I was "in the zone." That's when I knew I had to pursue my dream and finally start my own training business.  I could no longer wait for "one day."

With the support of Mr. Wonderful (my husband Scott), I resigned from my job and never looked back!

Why ME?


Having worked in corporate America for years, I am comfortable working with people at all levels. People respond to my authentic style and enjoy learning and sharing while attending my sales training workshops.

One of my gifts is the ability to take a mountain of information and best practices and condense it into digestible bites that inspire action.