Meeting Facilitation


Why Hire a Facilitator?

Your time and your employees' time is too important to waste on meetings and other group sessions that fail to meet objectives and drive intended results. 

A facilitator leads the meeting and guides the group to create, understand and own the solution and implementation process.

Enlisting a professional facilitator and properly preparing for a successful session helps avoid common pitfalls to group behavior.

By partnering closely with the meeting sponsor, the meeting objectives are met and the intended results are achieved. 

What Qualifies Me to Facilitate Your Next Meeting?

I have experience facilitating hundreds of training sessions and meetings. I assure you that I am well-equipped to provide you with highly effective meeting facilitation. 

I have completed a course specifically for facilitation skills - The Effective Facilitator. This 32 hour workshop included:

- foundational skills of effective facilitation

- techniques for questioning, focusing and energizing the group

- group dynamics management around dysfunction and consensus building

Participants respond to my engaging and authentic approach and report feeling heard and valued. As a result, they open up and share their thoughts and ideas more freely. 

What Types of Meetings Should be Facilitated?

Any meeting that requires input and consensus from the group can benefit from meeting facilitation. 

Meeting types include: 

Strategic Planning, Project Planning, Community Engagement Strategy, Issue Resolution, Basic Improvement, Information Needs Analysis, Process Re-engineering, and Procedure Design/Re-design