Keynote summaries


Ready, Set, Prospect!

Great sales people are fanatical about prospecting. They don’t just do it when their pipeline is down, they do it every day. With so many ways to prospect today, what is most effective? How does social media impact prospecting efforts? 

During this keynote, you’ll discover how to:

· Set daily prospecting goals that get results

· Reframe your prospecting mindset 

· Make more telephone prospecting calls each day

· Leverage your face-to-face meetings to prospect for even more business

· Use social media effectively to build familiarity

5 Habit Hacks of Highly Successful People

As much as 40% of our everyday behavior is tied to habits. These habits free us from decision making and from using self-control. That's why it is so important to mindfully shape our personal and professional habits. However, forming a new habit can be a challenge, even when motivated. 

During this keynote, you’ll discover how to:

· Leverage research to adopt a new habit or eliminate a bad one

· Avoid mistakes people make when trying to adopt a new habit 

· Build new habits in the quickest way possible

· Recognize how your response to inner/outer expectations impacts your ability to form a new habit

How to Become a Networking Ninja

Having the right contacts can help you grow your business and open doors to new opportunities. Knowing how to network effectively is a critical skill for every person to develop. 

During this keynote, you’ll discover how to:

· Strategically plan your networking activity

· Make a great first impression

· Quickly build relationships with new contacts

· Employ three powerful follow-up strategies

· Leverage the power of Center of Influence (COI) networking 

The Power of Appreciation

Communicating authentic appreciation at work has a significant, positive impact on staff morale and on-the-job satisfaction. Since not everyone feels valued in the same way, it’s important to learn different ways to communicate appreciation. 

People desperately want to feel appreciated and valued in their jobs. When appreciation is missing from the workplace, discouragement, irritability and resistance set in and create a negative work environment. In this type of environment, employees disengage and that costs employers dearly in absenteeism, tardiness and turnover.

During this keynote, you’ll discover how to:

· Recognize the five languages of appreciation in daily work life

· Deal with the challenges of individual blind spots 

· Communicate authentic appreciation to others at work

· Create a more positive work culture

The Power of Belief

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think can't - either way you are right." 

What you say to yourself has a huge impact on your success and happiness. Unfortunately, many go through life allowing their thoughts to be on auto-pilot. Being aware of your negative thoughts, challenging their validity and replacing them with goal-supporting thoughts and beliefs is a game changer. 

 During this keynote, you’ll discover how to:

· Recognize your negative thoughts

· Apply a process to challenge the validity of your thoughts

· Create goal-supporting thoughts and beliefs to help you achieve your goals